FLOSSY - is a new modern collection from island of Ibiza. It only takes three words to describe this shoes - comfortable, stylish, fashionable.

A various range of bright colors, large size range (19-46), easy to care, scented rubber outsole with a pleasant smell of sweets - all this makes FLOSSY sales hit all over the world! FLOSSY suitable for all occasions - whether it's a night club or a regular walk with your friends. People of all ages - children, teenagers, moms and dads, even grandparents - all wear Flossy, thanks to the comfort and the colors and designs diversity.

FLOSSY born in the late '80s the family's on a small shoe factory in Arnedo. Thanks to the comfortable material and board, as well as the soles from flexible rubber, specially-designed for easy and fast walking, Flossy found its recognition among sailing fans in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

In the '90s years FLOSSY firmly joined to the ground on Ibiza, where have become a necessary accessory among the bohemian lifestyle, street artists, actors, rock stars and models that made up the stylish layer of the island, which later led to the status FLOSSY - "the official footwear of Ibiza!"

All this contributed to the expansion of the Spanish production has led to the fact that London became the epicenter, where there was a boom and FLOSSY turned into a global phenomenon caused by it-girls, it-boys, stylists popular magazines, bloggers, models, actors, who do not question the relevance of this shoe, 365 days a year.

Thus, 25 years later, Flossy stormed the world and have become «must have» -Fashion and comfortable unisex shoes for all ages, offering a variety of models that came beyond a beach holiday! In 2014 FLOSSY became a finalist of the prestigious contest Drapers Footwear & Accessories Awards.

Brand FLOSSY present and actively promoted in major capitals of the world, from London to New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Japan and Singapore, with points of sale in more than 44 countries. Only in the UK sales account for about 2 million pairs per year! Now FLOSSY appeared in the Baltic countries, where we are sure to be enjoyed no less popular!